Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Denham Village Block Party....Sunday, May 31st @ 4:30pm

Just a quick reminder of our scheduled Denham Village Block Party taking place on Sunday, May 31st between Charring Cross & Ipswich on Elmswood!!

Free Food, Drinks and plenty of Fun for our Denham Village neighborhood and community!!

Denham Village Crime Watch...Break-in on Ipswich....

Denham Village Crime Watch.....

Please be advised that we had a break-in on Wednesday, May 13th during the day in the 3200 block of Ipswich.

Just a friendly reminder to keep your doors locked and your garage closed at night. Also please keep an eye out for our fellow Denham Village neighbors and if you see any people that do not belong in the neighborhood, please call the Plano Police Dept. (www.planopolice.org; 972-424-5678).

Thank you!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Officers

At our annual meeting in April, the membership elected the following persons to our board for the May 2009 – April 2010 year:

President – Sean O’Mahony
Vice President – Sherah Yoder
Secretary – Judy Halls
Treasurer – Randy Jennings
Beautification – Reid Donaldson

Please contact any officer if you have questions or concerns about your HOA.

Crime Watch Information

When a crime watch alert occurs in or near our neighborhood, you can find out details here.

You can find the latest crime watch information for our section of Plano anytime by calling 972-334-8430. You can also view or subscribe to citywide crime watch information online at: http://www.plano.gov/DEPARTMENTS/POLICE/CRIME%20WATCH%20INFORMATION/Pages/bulletins.aspx

Remember most crimes are crimes of opportunity, so remember to shut your garage door and remove all valuables from cars parked on the street.

Upcoming Events

Save the date for these upcoming events:

May 31st – Block Party
October 6th – National Night Out Ice Cream Social

Watch for more information soon.